Auditing your current lighting infrastructure

Your lighting infrastructure could be costing you more than you realize. Philips Lighting Professional Services offers expert evaluations that calculate how much energy your lighting uses, what you’re spending on it, and its environmental impact.

Auditing your current lighting infrastructure

Next, we can determine what savings an upgrade or refurbishment would create, and how lighting could be used to deliver value beyond functional illumination. Detailed audits will reveal the exact status and performance of your lighting infrastructure. With these concrete facts and figures, you’ll be well placed to choose the best option for your business.


Determining what lighting concept you want is only part of the journey. With a shared understanding of your vision, we can co-create a roadmap and deliver a lighting design that meets all your requirements

And with our dedicated audit tooling, global presence, in-depth lighting expertise and many years of continuous innovation, we at Philips Lighting Professional Services are the ideal partner to help you turn your plan into reality.