Show / scene controllers

Creating and controlling flashing lights and effects is straightforward with this number of DMX and Ethernet controllers. Our effective, easy-to-use controllers permit you to achieve fine-grained charge of any LED lighting system, in the simplest installations to large-scale video shows.

Panels, Triggers and Sensors

Wall-mounted sections, keypads, and triggers let customers of indoor illuminated conditions without effort communicate with the sunlight system. Our wall sections, keypads, touchscreens, sensors, timer clocks, and temperature sensors come in an array of styles and finishes to complement assembling your shed budget or décor needs.

Lighting controls & dimmers

Whether load control or digital, Philips lighting controls can directly drive the various lighting groups within projects. With various styles, capabilities, and techniques, our selection of controls and dimmers supports any light or luminaire type-including sophisticated color-altering and tunable white-colored LED luminaires

Networking devices

To create together all the various products that the lighting system requires, Philips offers a variety of networking and integration products that ensure problem-free installation and smooth procedures.

Commissioning tool

Trouble-free installation is just half the fight. To attain your time-efficiency and consumer experience goals, additionally you need easy-to-use commissioning tools to configure your luminaires along with other products, schedule and program your lighting procedures, and verify the correct functioning of the lighting system.


Sophisticated lighting store offer centralized, remote lightpoint and management, supporting connected lighting systems that offer the very best illumination encounters, maximize energy-efficiency and durability, and provide remarkable value beyond illumination.